Arrow SI is pleased to offer customers online access to a variety of account options. The Customer Assist shows current account information, adds/move/change work orders, accounts payables and service repair requests.

Customer Assist is a proprietary technology developed by Arrow SI that grants businesses access to their company data in our secured centralized data facilities. With Customer Assist, customers have the ability to view and interpret real-time operational and financial information in a secure, online environment. Once accessed, Customer Assist allows our customers to enter and edit service and material requests with the service-order system, and track service activity and site expenditures by category on a real time basis.

As a standard offering for Arrow SI customers, Customer Assist is not only a useful tracking tool, but cost effective, saving customers time and money by eliminating the need for progress calls and status updates with account managers. Likewise, Customer Assist has intelligent reporting capabilities that allow customers to track and analyze telecommunications expenditures by category and by site for ongoing periods of time. Plus, our unique "fingerprint" functionality enables customers to see which Arrow SI technician at what time-tracking both accountability and the performance of our staff. With Customer Assist, you´ll have access to your complete, unedited, and unfiltered account information on your own terms.

With Customer Assist you can:

  • Eliminate service calls and status updates with access to real-time service information
  • Easily enter and edit service and material requests via an online system
  • Manage the history of your operational and financial activities
  • Manage service calls, billings, and accounts payable
  • Know the status of your system at any time anywhere
Existing customers can sign up for Customer Assist´s exclusive services right now!


As a user, you shall be responsible for controlling access by your personnel, agents, contractors or representatives to your account information on Customer Assist, including maintaining the security of all passwords issued by you for access to Customer Assist. Arrow SI shall not be liable for any loss or damage you may sustain as a result of unauthorized access to your account information on Customer Assist by your employees, agents, contractors or representatives.